how can I go blind at a look eclipse directly without?

how can I go blind at a look eclipse directly without?

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Only because I already have a couple of times a similar question today, I quote times from my original answer accordingly:

"From aluminum foil I would strongly advise against. What might work but, but I would not try with the naked eye, but with a digital camera, because the can be repaired, is a rescue film when the multiple superimpose.

Aluminum foil bends easily and is characterized structurally weakened, even if one is very careful.

When the eclipse in 1999. I have a paper housing tinkered for my former camera with 3 layers of film that I could individually fold before the viewfinder and lens. So I had three levels of filtering, where I had all three films before, when not a cloud was in the way, depending on cloud thickness 1 or 2 films and in about 2-minute totality no film.

If you want to tinker glasses on this basis, you have to urgently ensure that the film in the areas where there is no paper or cardboard, is undamaged. Even small scratches make the film in the field of view already unusable. Moreover, at least 3 layers with blue sky are strongly recommended. Moreover, one should not overlook permanently in the sun, but, even if the film penetrates relatively little light through, only now and then. If you do not bias the film properly, and this therefore makes waves, it may well be that we see silver or gold veil, which originate from the film. This I have also at some photos at the time. "

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