How can I help my dog ​​who has pain

Dear Community, I hope you can help me. The following facts.

On Monday, I noticed that my dog ​​has her dry food is not completely eaten. On Tuesday, she was then very listless and did not on their dry food. Can they ate but also and Gassi ran it normal. Otherwise, it was but tired and listless in the corner, licking his paws. Yesterday morning she had licked his paws already sore and speichelte from the mouth. So I immediately called the vet and made an appointment. She was in the lower lips a purulent inflammation. Since it is a Mongrel, is there already a lot of lip and it is in the fold. They scored antibiotic injected and a painkiller. Now I have to give her Amox 250 g in the morning and evening. Tonight she has her feet licked even more sore, so she limps already partially because she is in pain. I pulled over her now long old child socks, so they do not further leaking.

Has anyone of you already something similar experience with his dog? How long the dog was still suffering from the mouth injury? You may not bark times when it rings, because it probably hurts her.

Do you have a tip, what can I do it on the feet, so that the wound is better. I myself had been thinking to make her Bepanthen it, but is that good, if then stockings it? I just feel so helpless when I see them on the ceiling.

Thank you for your answers!!!

The best answer

Experience I have not the. But I think Bepanthen harm their paws not unless something comes into the wound. I use in the winter for my bitch. I think that needs to be easily cured. If nothing changes can still go to the vet on state. Get well!

oh ... so ne arms. The Du mitleidest, I can well understand. I would also suffer with.

I would buy silver colloid and spray both the lip and on the paws. Colloidal silver has an antibacterial effect. but is not an antibiotic. It supports the healing of both. Good you get at I would recommend 25ppm. Because it's good for very much, I've always in the house (any infections, burns etc).

Bepanthen on the paws is also ok. Do it on it and either paying attention you it that they do not turn it or doing a Zewa it and then the socks over it. Colloidal silver of course not the same with Bepanthen - alternately but. Zb daytime repeatedly spray and night cream.

Paws heal quickly. The lip is problematic. Unfortunately, it often happens that I abscesses, inflammation etc in the folds, forming process, because bacteria in the folds and can proliferate great. And it would be good Colloidal Silver - for the future. Every now and then for example wöchentich the wrinkles with the spray so that the bacteria can not spread and it no longer comes in the future something.

I wish a speedy and complete recovery.

The paws heal the dog actually very quickly, and usually without any ointments and tinctures. You just have to ensure that the dog can not rumlecken on the paws. When our dog time I had bought for this purpose a children's tights. With the right size you need in the top only to cut a hole where the head to fit through. So he can not go out also. Once the feet have healed, the licking has an end.

I can do it on the feet, so that the wound is better.

go again to the vet and describe him or the problems. It is best to know what your dog is doing well in this case.

Heiliungsprozesse always run quite differently, so no one you will be able to say, when the matter will be endured.

I just feel so helpless when I see them on the ceiling.

Treat or pity in no case - they will then feel that you can find the wail and yelp well and so you konditionierst them bad, mimosigen behavior. Such "thinking" are dogs alien.

Dogs are tough and can rarely show her pain - because they are at the bottom from the pack then (ranking).

Praise her when she ignored the pain and endeavor - if she wails, ignore them.

This is species-appropriate pack behavior.

So there you shear falls - be interested, please consistently.

What you can do is, you are prime tierärtztliche supply to worry about.

All the best !

It will be allright.

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