how can I help my dog

My Labi Mix has since 3 days Pimples on back of the head and around the ears! These pimples are getting bigger and begin to scab ... it seems him to itch but personality changes, I can not tell ... I do not have the wherewithal to go with him to the vet ...

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Veterinarian, would be my recommendation.

clean and apply cream with alcohol. Hopefully you know what Creams to the dog may harmlessly.

The first is already at the door, because the Ta makes may well make a little something on account.

In such places, I think quickly mites who love floppy ears. Allergies can make sure that the skin itches. Perhaps it also has just one of the first mosquitoes stung and he scratches his now all sore, the paws are not really made for precision)

Hello solveigschulz 84

I suppose but, you're an animal lover as dog owners and your dog should get everything he gebürt, so go with disease issues rather .Zumalen to TA, it is the weekend and already long three days you dauert.und seemingly perplexed bist.Der TA can help you in any case and your pet .So he must be much easy worth that he did not suffer long muß.So you not has what it is, has you not what it costs


I'll tell you times so..wenn a dog also hat..und the possibility of the Internet, there may be a financially surfen..dann not so bad go, that you can take that as an excuse to the health of his four-legged friend at stake to set. View 'that you bring the poor guy to the vet! If you can not afford the dog and its supply, you have to either go to work or look for a new, more responsible people for your dog.

strapped Everybody knows, at my vet can let make on account. So you would then direct pay when you get money. Perhaps your veterinarian makes something, too, just ask times :) The health of an animal comes first and there makes a veterinarian determines an exception :)

I do not have the wherewithal to go with him to the vet

then you have somewhere you borrow money and go with the dog to the vet. These pimples can be harmless or less harmless.

Let examine it and besprech with the vet your financial situation.

Anyway, what medicine should be taken. Calls for help on the Internet does not help the dog!

may itch to be very lässtig - and if something more serious behind it, nobody can say .. please lend you money or ask the vet bs I 1 to delay the count voltage -the warden behandlet dog needs the vet.

In some cities there are also tieraerte, treat Genge donation, when the animal holder is poor (address you get for example in animal blackboard etc)

could well be a tumor. now go with him to the vet.

Just go easy to the vet. The are people who will help you. Even if there are money problems. Or lend you money from relatives, friends, etc. Or go to animal association in place, which are probably even pay you the cost.

What please have verschorfende pimples to do with personality changes ???

Or you have today signed up with GF to let us know that you have no money to properly take care yourself about the welfare of your dog?

What would you do if you were to feel a nasty itch?

If your dog is sick, then he belongs veterinary care!

... And if you have no money for it, then please friends and relatives to financial assistance ... Then you can let the dog treat and pay back the money in installments.

Sometimes veterinarians grant installment.

so so. not the money for a vet, but since now belongs towards your dog. what do we do with him.

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