How can I install the PC version of Minecraft on the iPhone 4g?

Hi I just bought minecraft and would notice that this version is really stupid. So I wanted to know whether the pc version can be installed on the iPhone 4g. Whether you need a jailbreak or not I do not care.

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Eh, no?! How to get to soeine idea? The pc version was made for windows / linux / osx and not for IOS ... You're using a completely different operating system ... In addition, an iphone 4g nowhere near the power has it needs the pc version to start at all ...

Android it would possibly go as current smartphones have enough power, and Android is based on Linux ...

But, as I understand it, you've bought the Minecraft app?

Minecraft for PC costs 19.95 € is affordable and brings in my view more or longer-term fun as cod or gta ...

LG Fabian;)

No for iOS, there is only the Pocket Edition PE for short if you want to play minecraft PC leg you to nen PC. I also rate the thereby forfeited by a jailbreak from there any guarantee

I would imagine that it (impossible without JB) is such a thing as a virtual machine on which to run .exe files. Nevertheless, the performance is not enough and you have to keep in mind that the control of a computer has been set and not for a smartphone ...

Hello LoverLB,

Wait a minute .. you find the PC version of the game is not so good, and then wish to install it on your iPhone?

Since I have you disappoint, because that will not work well.

but do you want to Minecraft to your mobile phone, would recommend to the App Store for the app "Minecraft Pocket Edition" to seek out and spend on this € 5.99, then you have also Minecraft go.

MfG Felix.

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