How can I pass the time the fastest?

Well then my friend is starting today 8 weeks unreachable (She is in a hospital and is being treated for test anxiety and other dingen) and um I do not know how to bridge the time soll..sie is just a little bit more than 1 hour away and I could now cry .... and the 8th weeks? It is there all the time and may know the day only 10 minutes maximum calls and has no other possibility with the outside world to communicate and well I'm certainly not the only one who wants to know about her there. Can you give me some real advice I can bridge the fastest time and am not as exaggerated sad?

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Well then, the "other things" are probably a little more dramatic - for because Prüfungsangst nobody goes to a clinic ...

In the usual psychiatric hospitals You've got the opportunity to visit patients (even in closed departments - but as with registration). Ask there but after time. Is in many cases helpful, unless you are one of the triggers of their disease (should be no imputation) or they will not do it.

Otherwise: I do not know what they did (although 10-minute phone calls probably to point more to a secure unit, so it must indeed be, or other people with life threatened), but as with any mental illness you should as quasi "national" one particularly bring: viieel patience;)

Can they received there and also write letters? Then it does make the common ritual you a letter, to write daily so correctly with paper and pen. The links and is also a nice reminder that you can save it for later!

Work, school, with friends what do, hobbies?

There are only 8 weeks.

Can think about what you do with it can when she's back yes. So so plan trips or a small party

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