How can I persuade them to let me?

I got tickets to a One Direction concert because my girlfriend does not go must ..... but my mom says I can not go there

How can I get them to let me go?

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Show yourself chocolate side of your, show that you are responsible and a bit more help never be defiant and up to the concert never disagree, ask then again at an appropriate time and explain to her that it would be the greatest for you if you to this were allowed concert. A bit of begging) if it works, you can not promise but I do not know how strict your mother is more than try, you can not. Good luck :) LG HazelEverdeen

It depends on so many things: How old are you? As far as the concert of your remote at home? How do you get there? And back home?

How old are you? want on which concert would you go? Vienna or Brussels?

Probably Garnicht if you must have / your parents up to Belgium / Austria ride alone towards. Selling the card rather when they definitely prohibit it, many would be happy Directioner

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