How can I raise boys that I find cute?

I just do not know how to go on guys ... I have many chums with whom I super get me but I always fear someone to talk to I find sweet. I do not know how to do it ... mostly I know they do not stop to look from and they are always 1-2 years older. Do you have tips? Thanks in advance :) To me, I'm a girl and I'm 15 :)

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Before questions actually ever having to worry, but since everyone has at some point been times uncertain :) As a boy, I can say that it is always easier when He is alone. Since we do not have so pay attention to what others think of the situation and we are most relaxed. I tell all questioners here that I've never heard of anyone who was laughed in such a situation or similar. Good luck ;)

I was waiting to catch those in a moment when he is alone or one probably rather remote from his friends. Then pass easily zuällig and say hello :) then you get often this week

Werf them a stone in the head, then have you ever pay attention or you smile at them and hope until they talk to you.

Hello süsser︝

Say that easy you find it sweet because not you have to schehmen

Easy to talk, ask at the end of the conversation to the point, some write, ask for an appointment and the rest is then obtained already.

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