How can I solve this problem? (Stochastics school 12: Gaussian integral function)

Hello. I just do not get ahead.

Here's the task:

In opinion surveys, only about 80% of the selected persons are found by experiment. What is the probability encountered by 1,200 people, more than 900?

In this task, you have to apply the Gaussian integral function. (P x> equal 901) = 1-Φ (-4.22)

But there are no values ​​for Φ (-4.22). Something's wrong.

The best answer

The question is (also) why there is "no values". Because values ​​there are, of course, but they are no longer in the usual tables inside. And why? Because Φ (-4.22) is so small already, that the first four decimal places are all 0th Accordingly your desired probability is already so close to 1 that you can specify them with 1 (to make it clear that this is a rounded value is just not exactly 1, you can also write 0.9999 ...).

(My TR are on the binomial a Wkeit of 0.9999855 ... to.)

However, there are of course. You just have to convert ...

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