How can I strengthen my wireless?

Hello, I have a problem that I chrome cast a me today to enjoy maxdome (No Smart TV, so this "detour") have gained. Unfortunately, the Internet connection is not sufficient to reproduce the content without buffering. Is there a way to amplify the Wifi signal (apart from wifi repeaters, since we already have 2 and none is working as it should), so that the chrome cast the series can play fluently?

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WLAN doing here might not make much sense. The best thing an Ethernet cable used. But since you will not lay vemutlich computer cables throughout the house have called. DLAN can remedy this. This allows you internet connections via the electricity grid. In div. Online shops there are several products that fit this. I myself use this DLAN Kit:

I hope it helps. :)

without additional hardware that is not possible: / but you can always hang times over DLan inform. This works somehow over the power grid and could fit with you quite well I think: p

alternative you can take as a repeater and a router 2, or what I've seen times: stick to the antenna an aluminum screen, pointing in the direction of the appliance, will probably bring what

How much bandwidth as does your Internet connection?

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