How can I suggest ?! Why it deletes the images in front of me?

We go to the school at the time naked pictures of girls around .. Wednesday comes my flock in to me and we always talk a lot: 'He told me then said that he has a girlfriend) last Wednesday .. but why did he then deletes the pictures of me and wants to do to me what go away at night and so ..

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In the fairy tale the ONE, for you are the ONE there. In real life, you're one of MANY.

if he has ne girlfriend and only normal (!) to be your friend, why you do you hopes. and if he wants more he has ne Freudin, YOU have just once say no and have a little understood.

While I understand precisely the relationship between the images of the girls and a swarm and you do not, but no matter.

Maybe he deletes your pictures, so that his girlfriend does not see them and then meet in the evening with you secretly? The fact that he says he meets with a buddy and meets instead with you?

Ask him time :)

Well, he wants to be just friends with you. And as for the night blind have to do so that I do not get

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