How can I take my daughter the fear of swimming lessons / the swimming instructor?

Hello, I desperately need advice. My daughter, 9 years old (just beginning puberty) is terrified of swimming lessons at school, or even in front of the swimming instructor for a few months. The second swimming instructor she has no problems, she says. She nights before trouble falling asleep and on the day itself always abdominal pain. The night before, she cries and I encourage her and she promises me that they tried, but the next day at school the abdominal pain is then so strong that the teacher calls after the second hour and I almost directly in front of the must pick up swimming lessons. Last week, then gave me the teacher the Council that I have to bring them more into the pool area and to stick to it. Said swimming teacher who does not like her, was not there; only the swimming instructor, which is nice. It went fine. I stayed there the whole time and talked to the teacher. He proposed that they only again back to the non-swimmer group goes until she feels safe again. This was for them all right, but now she has already scared, although just is Sunday evening and there are still a few days until Thursday. Background: She does not have a seahorse; but does everything you need for this. I suggested to her that she should make the time, so she also sees the badge on swimsuit, what they can and it is their motivation. So far it has only not done it, because none of the teachers said that they should do it and they expect apparently that the commitment comes from the child. Instead, they have so far let them mitüben for bronze that can now only missing the 2 m diving. With goggles she manages without problems, but they may not use. Moreover, it has mainly always afraid to say when it can no longer (at 8-panel swim example) simply floats further and then gets back under fear to go and die. Yes, I think this is to understand their main problems that they say MUST, if they can not and that everyone understands. That it can also tell you if she is afraid of something. After I had the last time, I was sure, from now on everything will be better, but as I have unfortunately mistaken. Do you still have a few tips on how I can give her the strength to say it this or that can not or is afraid. I can not write her yes for the whole half of an apology. Thanks in advance!

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Tell best funny stories you have experienced time wss you associate with swimming: D works beu me whenever my mother told me wss then I think of ddm moment she what she told funny

How about if you regularly go with her to the swimming pool and swim with her / beside her. Open to pinch with a lifebuoy / a buoyancy aid and consider this at a certain distance in front of her, so that your daughter knows that the saving ring is only a floating movement away. This will give her security. By the time you let the distance be slightly larger and spornst them while swimming. I think if you are close to her in the water, they will be safe while swimming. LG

Maybe it helps the matter with the swimming instructor in a parents' private conversation to clarify.


arrange a meeting with your daughter, you and the "evil" swimming instructor!

Your daughter should talk about their fears and weaknesses!

If the teacher shows no insight, then your daughter should probably practice at other swimming instructor!


One probably it's just too scared and alone excites them too much on which so gets cramps in the belly

My recommendation: Even once swim the week with the child!

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