How can I verhgindern is amiss?

I go to our freizeitpark i9n our city and have n bet lost. Therefore, I now must so euin 55m high part drive the sicg overturns and sit over themselves also. What can I do that to me is not bad?

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vollpumpen Not the stomach before eating. But who says that you have to part absolutely? I know it was a bet that you lost, but my goodness, it's still your life!

Greetings, Dreams97

nja you should not eat as much or drink before you since reinsteigst .... and buckle up well and hold: DDD

eyes on and is determined funny

it will work out :)

Do not drive with it. Your stomach is overused it. Since there is no cure.

previously not eat

Ka if it helps you, but salt helps against nausea

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