How can my dog ​​teach trick?

Hello ind although I have a 5 month old dog and he can already sitting, space, pfötchen, chek, give loud and küssi but we get simply not "roll" taught .. we practice since almost 3 weeks and the other tricks she has within 2 days confidence. how can I teach her the role? : D Thanks in advance

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Try a treat or do it in front of him! I am so also taught my dog!

5 months old dog and he can already sitting, space, pfötchen, chek, give loud and küssi but we just do not get "reel" taught.

Your dog is still very young and you should not overcharge and sometimes put in a couple of weeks off him.

Here you can browse, maybe what is there for you with this:

So you can always hang times lay next to him and pretend it: D

Ne fun you can try it by customizing your dog bring into place then with NEM Leckerlie a rotating movement while doing role're saying with the hand so go on his belly and then show him the halt with NEM Leckerlie ... I have also managed practice practice practice);

Or look it out on the internet after :)

Maybe she does not like this trick.

My Chi hates to lie on his back and thus he hates the role.

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