How can we remove our dog's chew bones - It does not exist here!

Hello, we have a complicated concern here. Our Jack Russell puppy now has a big chew bone from my husband and holed up in order under the kitchen bench. Actually my husband wanted a little play with the animals, and to the bone "fight", but my husband was too weak and had to steal the bones of the hand. The dog has holed up immediately so as I said, now we want to take away the bone again, because it is too big, and he may have chewing rum at least 12 hours on it until it's gone, and he'll end up tonight still in the house power.

First we normally try to go to him or to crawl, but then he growls threatening and snarling. Then my husband has tried it on the nice way, he says "Naa Hallo du bold guy, yes feeeeein, so what have you got there tasty, yes COMM but over here", but the dog turned his head slightly, perked and looked at my husband as if he had not all cups in the cupboard. When my husband then approached again he began abruptly back to growl and put his paw protectively on the tasty bone. My husband was the last straw and he began rumzubrüllen, the dog was not intimidated.

our neighbor was alerted by all the noise, he came at once to the apartment (he has a key), a beer took from the refrigerator and looked at the scene critically until he intervened at some point and my husband realized that he made the trust the dog destroyed his behave. The two men are still in the kitchen to swing, I wanted in the time here just ask what would you recommend, what can I align the neighbors or my husband, someone has a good tip on stock?

Greetings from the Black Forest, Monika

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While already a few days ago, but then hilfts possibly for the future. One should never killed his dog food "fight". Better to take a toy and play with the dog so. One should also educate his dog on permanently so it is without growling or even teeth gnash his food or toys ago. This works best when they are still young. Then they watch a just confused when one gets up to her well and doing as one would even eat them :-P If you do that again and again it is natural for the dog.

My parents have 2 Bernese Mountain dogs that could indeed defend well. But when one of the family goes to the food bowl WHILE eat them, they stop eating and wait until they again allowed. Go if they get permission to do so even before the just-filled bowl. So it should be, because it can always be times that they walk in what see what they should not eat. And besides, it's already quite annoying when 2 dogs umtänzeln and stand already in the food bowl if you come with food and you barely have the opportunity to fill the food in the dish a.

Dogs should definitely be always take everything out of the mouth without growling or showing teeth. And there is also no: Yes he has first he no longer can also take away. So he's just.

Hi, this reads like a book laughing, ever thought about it blogs or books to write ?? Have as many difficulties even to imagine that the real is really happening to you. But well, even strange things have experienced :)

First difference next time take into account if it is to chew nächstmal a bone in his weight division between toys and food. Secondly, it does not necessarily hang out the boss so let the one everything takes away the dog, but since your so now has doofe experiences, then since you next time aware of what you do. No experiments, but simply making, that was too hesitant, too many trials and the roar in the end may have destroyed his little built confidence in you, that makes barter with the dog catch with toys that he has it, then determined from the take Schnute, say thank you and give treats it. If he at Thank the thing ausspukt by itself and a gourmet wants. Do you try this with a chew bone .... What do you do now can ?? Nix .... make a coffee for all participants, waits ..... I'm 100% sure the chewing makes very thirsty and he will very soon see the water bowl, then comes your time ..... And please call in mind: There is a Jack -Russel puppy how much he weighs right now, 3-4 kg? He will still have puppy teeth ..... He is a child, the probability that he is really jumps by threatening to fight very very low ..... so even if he comes then running up menacingly, taking bone and put away and ready is .... and times visited a dog school, Terriers are difficult for beginners mostly to handle, because there are also many mitttlerweile coach your communication look at it and can berurteilen that can you based on videos they make of you, then explain what your dog has ever communicated what I think is very helpful. There's no case of us, it may also be that the dog has just gambled with your husband ..... and there were games or Rauffaufforderungen ....

Since the dog is still a puppy, it's still not that he IS badly brought up, however, it will be that when such situations escalate. Have yourself two of these small bullheads. (12 and 6 j.) Growl did not work, may gnash teeth also not be tolerated. He is testing limits and you must now set. roar does not help there. Of this you not be impressed. Cabinet push away, pour water syringe or small cup of water on the back when he growls again. He Scares then, take away the bone immediately and ignore the dog first. Do not talk much. He understands only bla bla. Short concise commands are important. A dog school is recommended.

I wish you success. :)

Best you take a toy / treat what your dog really like and do so as if you many thousand times great find it as the bone. Perhaps he is the bone then Good luck;). Lg aryalastana

Sorry but your dog is really bad but educated! If he did even snarling her truly done something wrong! : /

The dog has seen through you fully! Namely, the one does not need you to take it seriously ... you are not the herd animal he is and he knows XD

I think now you can do nothing without risking it bites you it first. but if you try it: put the hand / arm in irgendwetwas "impenetrable" (leather, Thick winter gloves) so that the hand / arm is protected and then take him to just go away! Somehow!!! If that does not definitely need her to wait until he loses Intresse to the bone and then him as soon as possible to take away! The problem is then, however, he got away with it and his behavior will not change.

In the future, you should it necessarily so educate not happen again You can train a dog to which he listens to everything!; on things he does not want to! XD I know that does not help you now, but hopefully in the future already! ;)

I can only agree with your dog ... your man can not take it so seriously ... Jacki are dickkopfig and stubborn as a donkey, you have a relationship with these character features ?? profi videos have been added by the dog Whisperer youtube en masse, a profi live could solve the problem, call the Rütter ... or try it in a dog school or Please bang NEN other used ... man or dog, depending on where you are more tuned hang ...

The dear little want meisstens always what they are supposed to not get ... So as an example, you could do so as if ye had viiiiiel better :) The dog may the plan but not through, you have to act well and best yet with a Knistertüte (chip bag) rustle ... your dog with only beoachten but ignore, he must get the feeling that he missed something on which he indeed waived if he is not interested.

And you absolutely much patience, because the dog already struggling with his curiosity brennent, ... to learn what you have there. Irgentwann he no longer stand it, then a leckerli and removed give him this bone ... good luck :))

Now show the guys even know how to go about it.

Get down on all fours, to move to the dog, it throbbed loudly growling with their teeth, dog rigid wide-eyed stare at (growl not forget), if necessary times short snap (denture adhesive check beforehand) and already are the Mutt at small and you can - chew bones with relish - together with her husband and neighbors.

Would be even better, so an elevation because of a handful of dog.

It's simply about the question of who is the alpha male among you. At the moment it is the dog, that's for sure. And as long as you only begs faxing does and eititei says it will stay that way.

You just have him AWAY, as an alpha male just does. The dog is a pack animal, and if you two can not make it to lead this "pack" you still much bigger problems than this will later get here.

I would even spendieren a bucket of water, then he is sure to come out, is freshly showered and all are happy, only the mom, not with the mop. LG from Hundefreund SCHUWI PS: you can make the most times.

What the little guys have only once, they no longer give her !!! ..-)))

What he likes else like ??? Liver sausage ?? Maybe you can get him so that from the reserve ??? Good luck...

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