How can you call the sides of a triangle?

I soon ne math test and I've previously no math hour. So I wanted to ask how the pages because now called .... So? Route? Just? thank you

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The sides of a Dreickes called legs. Although a long time ago that I have something learned in school, but I'm quite sure. Here is also referred to as

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lg Lilo

The sides are labeled abc. The corners with ABC and the angle with alpha beta gamma. If there is to draw a triangle with AB 12 cm (with so nem dot over it) heist thou shalt make the distance between A and B 12 cm long.

I hope I could help. :) (Next time maybe more practice; D)

LG BilliRay :)

Especially when only one point is present. Is it from the point A to B, it's a stretch

The fact called pages. In a right triangle, there is the adjacent side, the opposite side and the hypotenuse. There also are routes. Lines have a start and end point. Straight neither.

Have you heard the term "isosceles triangle" part? This is a triangle in which all the three sides are equal in length. "Leg" is probably the term that you are looking for.

Greeting Matti

In normal triangles we speak only of pages, possibly with their names (eg. A, b and c, they can also use other names such as t, y and j have)

In certain triangles there are more technical terms:

Has the triangle a right angle, is called the side at right angles cathetus, the hypotenuse opposite.

Are two sides of equal length, called these two pages leg and the third side would be the base.

Page1, Page2, Page3 or right triangles are 1.Ankathete, 2.Ankathete and the hypotenuse

Adjacent side, opposite side and the hypotenuse.

The root of cathetus squared plus cathetus hypotenuse squared = So just the set of pythagoras :-)

Or cathetus (no plan how to write the) (still on-kethete or against-cathetus) and then the hypotenuse (the longest piece) ...

Cathetus adjacent leg and hypotenuse (the right-angled triangle)

Thank you all !

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