How can you combat the ivy from the neighbors?

Have back in my garden slat fences. Unfortunately, the neighbor pretty much ivy made by growing between my fins. Every few weeks I can cut laboriously that with a hedge trimmer. Is there a poison that can destroy their disgusting ivy? She says that come the roots of ivy anyway from adjacent neighbors.

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Poisoning is not at all that would cause damage to other plants and would (like any arbitrary action) is not legal. That makes you problems. Talk to her about it, you have the right to have it be what grows from it to you, away or remove. But I would not be tantamount to the legal club.

Ivy can also be chemically non-combat - Roundup is made from the active ingredients of the ivy. At Ivy helps only dig and discard any root part, i have 1 year was needed to a through overgrown with ivy land remodel to a garden. Each forgotten rootlets has expelled again.

How about when you talk first with your neighbors, instead of the same started with poison? And what is so bad about Ivy? Are slats really nice? Why "must" you remove it? A fence has Efeuüberwucherter eg nesting sites for free breeder like blackbirds.

spray or brush with weed killer ingredient glyphosate (Roundup, Vorox, Banvel, Finalsan etc.) on the leaves. Take care that it does not catch other plants (possibly cover with foil).
All arguments against are known to me, but millions of people use it, especially professionals in huge quantities. Everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Can not understand your concerns.

There Roundab but that is only permissible in agriculture - individuals can lead to a penalty of up to 50,000, - € to be condemned (but only if they are caught).

Best for neighborly relations it would be if you times a threesome that would discuss a leisurely beer.

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