How can you kill the dog of Franklin? (GTA 5)

If I want to shoot him it does not work anyway, so the ball does not go. Then I got the can of gasoline spills around the dog around, geballert it so a fire but produced the dog has not mind, he's just chilling sat in the middle of the fire circle and never crossed me the fire in touch. But I think crossing might work or? Is difficult at his home in Vinewood because the dog always hangs out on the terrace. Tricky.

The best answer

With the dog it's like having your own car to the characters - which are always respawn at the shelter when they get lost (dead / destroyed)

You can be killed the only other road users. Throw just his ball on ne restricted road

Werf ne grenade or ne stickybomb next Chop The coming dan suddenly :)

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