how can you land on the legs, according 3m freefall?

hi, I'm looking really all advices: D it comes vaulting to the hock supportive departure (one kneels, expresses itself in the handstand and lands next to the horse). I love the fact, and I am also good in the handstand, but from then on it's a disaster. I drükce still away, and then I fall just yet come to the ground, and accelerating it somehow so much that it is impossible to land on the legs. I always land on the po, back, bestendfalls squat. So I fall backwards. Work should raus feathers and run directly forward further: did D and as I described now it comes to me on the barrel horse already ^^ and because I now again wants to make the gallop that after the winter, I should urgently i- as in the hand get. is there i-what tricks?

The best answer

You have to try to land on your feet hip-width apart, then you have better control over the body.

First, you can else on the wooden horse trying to brake more or, if that does not work, the first time the handstand not quite turst and will land, so you get a feel for proper charging.

Hope it helps

LG Jujajo

Hmm, I do not believe tricks actually. I'd look at some times Parkour videos explain you how to behave when one has unfavorable falls and, ... it comes with as little as possible injuries, dislocations.

at least not to land on attempt on his knees or head first, which can go bad.

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