How can you learn most effectively juggling?

I tried to juggle first with two tennis balls, then habs but not with three geschaftt.Wie you learn the fastest and with what?

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What exactly does not work at the third ball, is the question.

It may be, you throw automatically too far forward. - You have given you before you a level introduced within which the balls are to remain.

Maybe you do not have to concentrate too much on catching you, but clean Throw in beautiful arches - then automatically works out the catch, as because the balls land cleanly on its own in the mitt.

Maybe you throw a whole too vague, perhaps frantically irgendswie 'up, up, away quickly with, because even the next one comes. - Then you have to aim better in beautiful arc the highest points alternating up some fire up right and some left .. then you have more time and the timing comes in a footed, soft rhythm. The hands circling .. catch outside, pitch in a fluid motion nonstop.

The height should be comfortable .. not that You have additionally unnecessarily accurate casting with you actually great height also need to focus. As high as you hinkriegst neat bows to the other hand well. (Irgendswo between eye level and a head higher than you are tall)

Beanbags are good because not roll and not verspringen also in hand to each other, but are tacky feel. But tennis balls go, because you can learn it quickly, in a day, if you do it right and detects errors. You can also use the tennis balls a piece cut (about 1/4 in two places opposite Crossed), so they dotzen flabby and not jump out of your hands.

From towels I urgently advise that ham'n yes no focus and no counterweight while throwing that get no direction and speed and you ruderst only pointless arms wildly and it is' something else.

Hello edge village, There are many books that deal with the topic or you ask someone who can juggle whether he you might show a few tricks. I have tried it with towels that are in my opinion for beginners best because they sink slowly. Greetings and Merry Christmas, MrNonsense :)

There are juggling balls made of artificial leather, as sand or rice inside. That's easier. A high space is also better if you throw up, it's easier, because the balls then fly longer.

I started with one, until I could throw him blind from one to the other hand. Then I have the same with two balls and then made three.

You could also try first with cloths, with them it is easier to juggle)

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