How can you prevent that one is drunk affectionate and poor?


I have the following problem:

Unfortunately, I am anything but confident and doubt very much to me. So in normal use you notice me not to, but when I'm drunk, then I start getting vollzuquaschen to people and which "reveal soul" mean. Sometimes I can then also have a good place because I'm so shy then not, but unfortunately I will often affectionate and totally emotional and more men take the then fully out. Last I was truly a Type talk about the Bundeswehr and his studies, I wanted nothing of that, but I just have totally asked many questions and did not want that goes away and afterwards, the Ar *** in front of everyone behautet I would have been so wuschig, but he has turned me on and I told him that I want to just ask him questions. That made me mega hurt because I somehow thought that would really like to do I prevent something .. As I drink after only and at times more, because I'm open then, but I do not want to act like I was " easy to get" -.-

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I think that there are many people who unfortunately have this problem and they do not want to give up drinking. Clearly it is no longer to drink a good and also the health entgegend Coming solution but I hardly think that the answer is that they want to have.

A real solution how to prevent it from another at the moment there are to my knowledge, but not perhaps helps yes following:

Firstly, you should limit your consumption of alcohol in the know, because you should only drink so much that one does have fun, as I'm also good a Drin but it is still NOT embarrassing. This limit has found relatively quickly, with me it was definitely that.

In addition, it will also help you to talk about your problems, it really all let out what's bothering times in sober state with friends you trust. Talking about problems helps. So if you are sober with friends about your problems talking have you drunk determined not as much demand for it. What I would also recommend is to strengthen self-awareness! How exactly I can not tell you so that you should find the best times via Google out.

PS Best of types keep acting directly A **** hole, is often backfires if you look ausheult where. I myself am a boy, but did it often enough noticed with my best girlfriends.

I can not promise whether my advice really work with you but I think that all three together would be a good solution.

I hope I could help you with my answer.

Regards, Patrick

Oh that's really stupid. But I would suggest times your alcohol consumption under control and then the better. And if you have a lot of self-doubt you could you times so busy that it's easy and well as you and focus on it. Then what :) good luck will ^^

None beverage would be the best and most effective solution.

drink less. and the guys make it clear that you want to talk.

Since there are an old home remedy, you drink only as much as you can tolerate. Tolerates you nothing, let the stuff out of the neck.

You must know yourself how much you can drink before it is embarrassing.

Do you know yet these "alcohol - characteristic your limit" commercials? One went something like this: "You will celebrate today and will drop all inhibitions He later transferred naked into the net and he wakes up tomorrow drunk in his Koze on..."

Drink no more than you sure (!) Verträgst without getting another (embarrassing) man.

Since only helps to drink alcohol.

You can in other ways try to improve your mood and your self-esteem.

Stay away from alcohol

Drink less..

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