How come that when I over foreign someone from the school anspreche?

So I grad ever on this topic nh question asked but I'm still unendschlossen ...: D so how is that over when I address someone in the break times? And how? Easy with 'hey'? Although we know only see us from? I just do not know if and how I do it soll..wie comes that because over? And what exactly should I say? Irgentein particular talking point? Thank you in advance...(:

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Ask your friends if they help you. Maybe they push you on it and then it starts talking. As well as in the movies XD

Or do you ask your friends what's his name then you go back and saying: Hey you're ___! And then you begin to talk :)

When I address someone in school (girl) I'll start in the usual fashion with a "hello" and I do about the rest of me no thoughts but laber easy going: D Occurs naturally what I want.

Yeah it is a bit weird at first because you might just see the other person from but knows you feel flattered that you will be addressed at all :) But it is definitely positive!

So I would only do it if you know each other. Otherwise only give a smile, then a quick hello and go on and eventually a decent conversation!

So I would also fear that that comes across funny: D if just one would speak to me, I would feel myself first verarscht: D can you give him not only on facebook / Snapchat / write instagram or comment pictures? :)

So one makes friendships. Just chilling appeal. So get off the bus or when going home "Hey dude, you've already seen the ol new German teacher? The saw again some time .... From."

Hey do not have enough content. Sage z. B. "Hey, buddy, how it going because so with you in class? With us everything so far easy. Except for the German teacher. The sometimes makes mega stress."

If you know the person by sight then just say hello or so and if you do not know the person then no plan

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