How could I use my fireplace decorate?


I have a fire in my home and I wanted to ask what there is for ideas to decorate it best? There's enough there!

Any tips / ideas? :) Merry Christmas Day!

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So take ne cord and so little winter shoes in fabric hung hang :) so similar to an advent calendar that you 24 shoes hinhäbgst and in each drinsteckt a trifle. Or even a lichterkette. Maybe something like snowflakes make you easily from small cotton knölchen 'draufsteust' :) hope you understand what I mean: D

Right now for Christmas but lend themselves to beautiful decorative items. A few pine cones, candles, etc.

Google helps you :) http: // ...

How about a large nativity scene? A Merry Christmas!

What ever you dekorierst, watch out that you do not abfackelt the shack.

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