How dissuade friend of Dog

Heyho My girlfriend always wanted to have a dog, a few years ago she finished with her parents a bet. If she manages to save 500 € (which she does not get out of them) one of not more than 50 cm is get them a dog, abet. She has now managed to definitely almost 500 and likely eagerly what breed she wants to set. Your choice has fallen on the Mini Aussie.

I think it's totally wrong and irresponsible of parents to embrace it, and then to buy her the dog. You do not even know exactly what she was getting herself since. I know that it is to take care of a dog a lot of responsibility and especially with the Aussies physical and mental Auslastund is extremely important. My girlfriend has some mice and is partially already overtaxed.

I do not want her to have a dog, not out of jealousy, but because I think that they will simply not do. Your parents will not help you, they have from the beginning said that she has to care for the dog alone. And I do not want that it goes to the dog badly or he ends up at the shelter

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