How do I bring my dog ​​to shake with you?

I would like to teach my Hünden, to shake on Komando. Has anyone of you an idea how I could teach her that? For answers already times thank you! :-)

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Will a dog to shake, then you have to give as accurate observer plenty of time at the exact moment the command, for example after swimming or bathing (if it must be because). Similarly you can also suppress by touching it sideways and then just "No" say - praise! and then let go and say the command "shake" and praise, praise. This command is relatively easy to teach and takes only 5-6 repetitions until it is understood. Then you have to consolidate with clicker or treat and praise, and then it works even when dry.

to shake on Komando

clean ears after they shake, or tickle the ears. Laying Or a lightweight mat / towel over the back, so they will then possibly want to shake.

but to what good is that?

I have always practiced with my dog ​​lady, even if it was a reason, saying she was soaking wet after a walk in the rain with me on the doorstep. Most dog would be so shake when they are wet).

When we stood in front of the door, I have her or with his hand, two fingers painted against the grain from the neck over the head forward - easily just - "Shake yourself" and if they ansetzte then to shake said and then, of course, pleased after shaking, praised ....

Eventually she is connected to the "Command" and now she knows what I mean in such situations ...

However, I use this only, wenn's is necessary and it works very well. I wonder if my dog ​​would now shake a furztrockenen day for no reason, just to please me ?! Mmmmh ... She thinks halt with and assess ...;))

I had the very light in my, if he has done his great business 100%, it must always shake well. So I "shake" every time said. :-)

Once he does it, say the command and reward him.

Shake BUT means the dog that he has stress. I would not teach him to command. Some dogs set the command then certainly with "stress have" equal.

That is hard!

  1. fool
  2. somehow lure with treats
  3. make wet then shakes the dog by itself ... Then say and reward command !! -> Repeat!

Brush the dog gegn the bar. Against the direction of growth of the fur ... most dogs shake then

If the dog shakes give Komando

I wish you success!

In my Bounty it was relatively easy, since he always shakes when he comes out of the brook, after I dressed him his harness, after brushing, after rubbing off with a towel (after a rain walk), after rolling in the snow (or mud * grins).

I've always just "shake" in these moments told and then praised him - and hey presto, he could ;-)

My dogs can almost. At 90% it works. I've just come whenever they rewarded shake.

How do I get you to jump in every puddle?

Joking aside. Why something like ?? Social behavior is important. ;)))

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