How do I bring our dog at all?

Hey! We get a dog or my parents have not been informed and all but I! And since I know that the dog will stay with me all day and I'll go walkies even with whom I wanted to ask how I teach go walkies? She comes from Romania and do not know something! When should I give to eat of the love? How do I get her for tricks? When should I release them from the leash without which it cuts off me? When I win trust? How do I win trust? Should I for a dog school? Does it cost?

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So many questions at once! Waiting it first time starting up the dog with you ist.Dann you go cautiously step by step vor.Zuerst course only with a leash to go out and have a proper diet you can, if necessary, inform yourself at the vet ... About Challenge the animal is not and give him time to get used to you and the new environment.

So go the Gassi you bring the dog at by simply ranmachst leash shorter take plus the Komando say "Heel" Although it takes a little longer but it will come, and you should always zuanfang treats while having :)

If the dog is still a puppy I would be in the morning, at noon and eat abens. Tricks something like seat you put in by you sitting say and easy runterdrückst by hand the POOO, I would give the dog always teach with hand gesture, with us it is running so that I sit in, seated say and whom forefinger show: D And zuanfang I would not let the dog off the leash, buy rather a long lunge 30m or so. Confidence you gain by example cuddle and play. I hope konntte help you lg

Trust takes time and attention. Catching up with her normal. Go Spatzier simply saying leash running off and going. If she runs in front and pulls, you turn around and run into the direction. So you can equal practice the leash.

Food you can give her whatever you like, but please never go before a walk or run around before, which can lead to bloat, which can end fatally. So rest after eating. Whether morgensn, noon or night does not matter. How often does also depends. For a large dog, I would divide it in 2 meals in a dog up to 30kg can also enter all at once. I would not even make dried fodder but. But I would not even feed, since it is very unhealthy, but on the nature.

Bond you build through "common hunting" on. Preydummy training helps very well. Until you can make them go, can take years. I got my Main. Stray dog ​​since 2013, and even after 2 years, it is still not reliably available. The hunting instinct is too large. I can not untie it, without that she would chase anything. Go in this regard is best in a dog school that knows also with unconventional and absolutely non-violent methods.

Tricks I think is unnecessary, but even that can tell you a school. Yes Pet Training costs money, the amount is different.

Hundeschule costs what so how much is different. The dog always first down if he does in the apartment, so he learns to walk the walk. Seizure depends on the food, whether wet or dry food. Tricks you should try only if the dog has trusted you and acclimated. must be of a leash not jde breed. Obedience school is not necessarily. But please Inform yourself BEFORE THOROUGHLY! And with books.

Would you work for free? No? dog school either. I advise you to penetrate a dog school.

You mean housebreaking at bring? Simply every 3-4 hours to get out and wait until the dog outside does what and then praise sooooo Doll. Is he in there to wipe out without comment.

can run you can him if educated and listen to a recall. This can take a while. The best you'll catch a towline (which is a long leash) please the so at the beginning of double securing crockery and collar, it would nich the first road dog is run over in Germany because he fell into panic.

Seizure you can give it twice a day. Tricks can make with treats when the dog accepts treats. But first I would not annoy with tricks. Let them arrive first, show her around.

  1. With patience
  2. The mugwort go practicing with dog best on a leash.
  3. With treats in your pocket. Every now and practice stehenbeleib and sitting and to come they get up and go with sool again. you did get out after two weeks, if you are consistent!
  4. Brain Mind that this is trivial for you, for eien dog you come with such trainig to Grenzes his attention or his receptivity traveled after a few minutes.

So always nice games and much praise and pat!

Have fun, you two :)

You should definitely visit a dog school. This costs a lot, but you learn and your dog a lot.

Why would not know it as walk the dog a dog from Romania?

If he has eaten, go out with him. And then he'll make his business.

Auß0erdem there are Hundeeschulen. And yes that costs money,

In addition, you can also try Google.

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