How do I contact a sweet boy from school?

I do not really know him - a pretty young in the school 1 year older than me, and not singel alzu popular so art has only one other example umd ... I find him totally sweet. I see him only as from time to time and even dream of it! So as I said you have ideas? So on facebook it would go mur halt unwillingly and I do not know exactly I wa write to .... Thank you in advance :) Lg apfelbirne12345

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Rempel times' quite by chance ', then you apologize and schenkst him a sweet smile, and every mak if you saw him in school eye contact, you smile back .. eventually he smiles back then and you say you stayed at the walk past' hey 'you talk to him at some point, and ask for his number :) So for me it worked so far;)

So Hey really me good idea. I'm a boy and if would speak to me that I may suffer halfway and pretty think I would nail them on the spot: D Ne humor aside talk to him easily. Can you already

Is he good in any way, or so?

With us at the school have some girls always to "tuition" test for any or such demand since the people of the year outputs through us theme that already had.

Meanwhile, the numbers have everything replaced and know them little learned

Try it yourself with a ...

Hey :)

appeal open :)

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