How do I convince my parents to buy a dog? Suggestions?

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You may now be of the opinion, to be able to take care of the dog. But what about when you start a training or study in a few years? Even now you will probably still go to school, that is someone else in your household most of the time would spend with the dog, must educate and take care of him, the DU actually want.

Get yourself then a dog on when YOU have time for him to supply him into. Would the family want a dog, saw the matter differently, but right now you want to YOUR wishes others impose. Neither your family nor a dog against that would be fair.

Remember must be sure that you take care of him ... it's really a lot of work more than you know until 100%. As long as your parents want both not a dog, then you can assume that you have to take care of you alone around him, especially at the beginning, it is a lot of work. So it überleg feeling better again ...

I would my parents also like to persuade another dog to buy:. (((But really not as simple trials to convince them that you can take care of a dog, and you grow up I got it by all means try .. With me. it did not work but maybe it works for you!

I can imagine that your parents see a dog as a burden. Mach going to look after clear the DU care of him.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Your mother has to take most of the work and bear the costs. Therefore, she has to decide whether she wants ider the responsibility for a dog.

You're in school, do not have to keep enough money to a dog. In a few years you doing training, then you are 8-9 hours away.

Not at all ! For a dog or any other animal you have to have time. If during the day no one is at home, what you need then a dog. The feels alone and lonely. Who should go for a walk with him? Who will pay the dog tax and insurance? Where should remain the dog, if YOU are going on vacation? All these things and make a few more you let you go through your head.

The burglaries in your area have increased.

You're afraid to go alone out of the house.

If someone goes blind in the family, you have ever seen a dog.

Dogs can use leftovers.

With fuel shortages larger dogs can pull a cart.


sorry -Your mother does not like dogs, then what should the one dog with you? you some time in the school and doing demnaeschst an education or are studying and are then much long gone from home?

how big is your "dog love" if you zumutest attending msnschne Users who enjoy no dog him ???

That I can tell you now is not so easy to answer. For what their reasons are for not to buy a dog? Because if you really do not have time, do not have the money or the animal can not go anywhere on vacation, it's unfortunately, so much you also have a dog, better to buy a dog. The animal's sake.

Take a positive-negative list. What are the advantages of a dog as a family member? Where are limitations to accept? What tasks must be performed? Whoever comes when on it?

If you do you sound so thoughts, your parents have specific points to which they can respond. And you might also be able to explain why they see where problems.

A dog is an insane responsibility. And your parents are afraid well that they have neither time nor energy to take on this responsibility if you "times ausfällst" (party on the weekend, learning for exam, depend in the summer with friends (But take the dog!) .. ,

I understand your desire for a faithful friend, but I understand your parents. If you can clarify these points, you can responsibly keep a dog. Otherwise rather later ...

For a 16 year old youth is a pretty "weird" question ...

You ought but even with the help of your fingers you can calculate that you have not enough time to take care of you every day for many hours at a dog ...?

And to whom should the work stuck with the dog dan? Right - exactly the person, speak to your mother, who wants to have no dog in the family.

Coaxing is therefore not good; what would you have been to offer in return?

Self Employed (!) Help with household chores and show so that you can take responsibility.

Am not the best.

Leg you prefer to a few rats:

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