How do I convince my parents to buy a dog

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Not at all, a dog must be received by the whole family, it costs money for food, taxes, liability insurance and veterinarian, he must be at least 3-4 times out per day in all weather conditions, including long walks and someone has to be able, the animal to educate.

You buy a dog, can you adopt one from a shelter.

Oh, no matter what. For a dog, everyone needs education, time and the money If not, then not.

But most need as a beginner a Kangal, Rottweiler, Bulldog or Australian Shepherd, perhaps even German shepherd ... the races, enforcement and good guidance and / or training.

Not persuaded ... a dog takes time, money and care.

  • Can you afford that?
  • Who pays for food, toys, veterinarian control, Other?
  • Who cares about the dog?
  • What happens to the dog when you are at school?
  • What happens to the dog if you look at some point and start a training or study?

A dog is in doubt, a decision for the next 15 years.

Luckily you will not always have to live with your parents. If you have your own household, you can decide you one And zuzulegen alone.

Well, probably your parents have very good reasons to do otherwise. The decision is always with them and there you will not be able to shake off much.

Nevertheless, you can try it for example with "I then go always with the Gassi and am in the fresh air" or "This I learn to take responsibility"

Say that you're alone feel

Wish you only nen dog and then instead NEN sibling, one probably klappts; p

But the care of the dog, of course, must also be guaranteed, as previous speakers have quite.

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