How do I get a puppy concentrated? Dog is distracted!

Hello my dears :)

Namely, we have a home-grown males was in February 1 year old :)

Unfortunately we have with it is the problem that it can be distracted very quickly and like to be unfocused. He wants to work, can learn a lot and super fast! But especially outdoors or in the field, he finds most anything interesting, except the person to whom it normally should pay attention: P If I eg in the garden practicing with him, and he realizes I have no goodies here, or '' only '' the normal dog food, he runs after a period or purely sniffing around in the area and can not get. He clearly, if I then had ham in hand is as full, but I do not want to always bring delicious things, only that he sometimes gives me his attention. Inside is the whole little or no really

How could I fix it? The training is very varied, we do a lot of tricks, search tasks, Agility, involve different approaches, etc ..

The best answer

Then you must ensure that you will interesting first.

I would simply times omit the evening eating, so he remains hungry. The next day, first from the hand feeding. This should arouse his attention.

Furthermore, it is worth a towline and some liverwurst (dog stand on it) with a little water and mix for example, as "eau" used for the hands. And the dog continue to make clear that something interesting could be in hand.

But what is especially helpful to visit a dog school where you will be shown by experienced dog trainers what you can do best. There you will more tricks that make very well as homework.

I would say that your dog does not see you as the pack leader to or is underutilized.

Go best to train first an hour or so walk with him and then start. In the dog school it is also common that the animals auspowern itself first and then starting out with the lesson.

Most important are first the basic concepts (sit, down, When walking, etc.). Here too, you can get pure variety.

Halt you a piece Fleich his eye and he shall stand you when he does that then he'll give the piece Fleich wiederholl this every day

Full capacity (physically) / not give during every practice maneuver leckerli as a reward / try towline, and intervene if he runs away again. / Lot of patience, that is, when he runs off times (and no other dog is nearby, or danger) just in the opposite direction over.

Practice, practice and more practice. Your dog is not head that he has to learn. But that also requires time. In addition, a dog in the age on the way in which Flegel phase, puberty dogs.

Consequence is hip and, indeed, the best treats. He should learn despite distraction to be with you, yes. THE dear, is one of the hardest things that must get a dog.

Mach attention exercises. Only in lovely poor area, then with more and more stimuli, but slow high dose!

Hi, sorry stand on the hose which is the self-drawn ??? Know the expression only in the nursery with trees and plants .....

I've got 2 points which seem to me to be the cause,

1. If I interpret the self with drawn correctly and you yourselves bred the dog, as have also raised so I assume that you made mistakes in the socialization and imprinting. That's why he deflected outside, he has never really met and is overwhelmed by the impressions quasi

2. If I have misinterpreted, so I think that makes her the dog too much. And you taught him to do the things wrong, so that he could educate you always take ham. How do you get him to do tricks for you Lecker have in your pocket and pick it out only when he did it or wedelst you with treats so that he only then does the trick ??

I would like to try a different reward, how and degrade Toys feed on. And vorallen abwechselb during exercise, times a treat, sometimes only a fine, sometimes stroking a, even a toy, the dog never know what it is.

Beebderldie exercise before he finished it. you should stop when it is at its best.

Let him grow older: D he is concentrated, Young animals are always playful and unfocused.

The dog will show you clear who is the boss in the house. The only solution is training, training and further training. What works at home, must also work out not necessarily. In your case I would recommend line training and only feed out of your hand, if he does his things correctly. A dog trainer who can give you tips would not hurt, either.

Exercise mach Master! :)

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