How do I get closer to him? He's so shy!

Jaja ucg times now tell briefly the situation! He's 12 I'm 14.Er is so shy and I just do not know how to get him to like me ... I like him come closer! I only know when he Birthday has, his age, the name and where he lives .... I see him only during the breaks and comes as his friend to me and my friend as he does the sister of his friend ist.Reden generally little but he laughs very oft.Ich want him always hug he's so cute! I also tried it sometimes to smile ..... exactly then he looks away !!!! I not to understand me there with him war ..... HELP!

The best answer

"Will surely make you like me" is ever the wrong approach.

I'm sorry.

Attempt somehow to talk to him or to post via social networks.

Seriously? with 12? or 14? go out and play!

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