How do I get closer to him? ;)idea

I know a young, I find it quite nice. He is the football coach from my brother. He knows who I am, he knows me. But gerdedet correctly we have not yet. How do I get closer to him? He does not go to my school ..and if I show up styled as: D ...

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Get your brother often from football training from. If she asks you why you have suddenly discovered the great sibling love, then you tell him you had not only, but also your immense interest in football discovered and would even consider whether you should go to a women's team) can the coach you also ask whether you're too old to get started, how fit you have to be, etc. If there is anything with it, then go up instead kick :)

You have to flirt with him and ask him if he has a girlfriend, he says no times goes to the movies

Ask your ma bro, if he can bring you together .. or at least gain exposure may!

Go your "brother" out often sit and watch on the field :)

In the you go to him after training and anquascht him

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