How do I get healthy long hair in a short time

Clear care and I oil them often but they do not wachseb :(

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Little heat, not smooth or blow hot. Otherwise, very often cut the tops and always maintain beautiful. LG

Healthy hair care you get through. When growth you can however only be built on patience, because there are no remedies for.

Patience, as soon not grow hair. And do not go too often to the hairdresser.

Hair grows on average 1 cm per month. You can not affect it that they grow faster.

Every two months go cut me, just a little bit. It sounds paradoxical but it helps. The hair is fixed and spliced ​​less. and then you can, of course, with oils and do what rinses. Helps but all not so. What particularly strengthens the hair, they should be washed with beer. the wash do not forget, otherwise you stink for 3 days after a sickening pub

In a short time is difficult when your hair eh slowly grow naturally! So I wash my hair every now and then oil every 2 days and I massage my scalp (that stimulates the hair roots) but my have tended to grow relatively quickly

  • care
  • regularly tip cutting -> prevents the breaking of the tips (if they then cancel more than just the cut)
  • Wait

Hair grows 10-12 cm per year. "Fast" it is nothing.

With too much maintenance are you doing your hair also broken! Once a week a cure it is sufficient.

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