How do I get housebroken my 2 year old dog?

Hello my dog ​​lady is still not Housebroken :( The TA said because she has a bowel disease and special food needs, the costs just unfortunately 15, -.. 3 kg I suspect she has still but my parents are not ready to pay that . and if they do not will Housebroken they bring them to the shelter ... and next week I'm a week not there ... Please help me

Thanks in advance

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Look here, because there are less expensive foods. Perhaps this goes. Http://

What do you call the disease that is your dog? How exactly do they affect? Just ask for exactly. If the special food from Royal Canin? What makes it "special"? Dried animal food? Can you ever the exact name Send?

What are you doing to get the dog housebroken?

If your parents show so little responsibility for the dog that is very sad. Maybe he's better when he finds another home by the shelter. That I am very sorry for you. But for the dog too :(

Can not do anything. Is also quite unusual that a dog with 2 years not yet housebroken .... Read

Against the intestinal infection can also

Rice pudding (the chicken boneless give) in chicken broth with carrots or carrot soup Moro style enter.

The recipe

The production of carrot soup is very simple: 500g peeled carrots for one hour boil in a liter of water, then purée in a blender. Fill the pureed porridge with water again to one liter and add three grams of sodium chloride.

All the best.

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