how do I get it normal to dry oily skin?

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Unfortunately you can not influence.

The oil production of the skin is regulated from the inside, by the hormones. From the outside, you can make as nicts.

You can only try to avoid anything that your skin irritated (eg alcohol and fragrances), otherwise it lubricate no additional fat.

Also peels with fruit acids (BHA) may very well help. This might reduce not fat products (as already said, that is not from the outside), but they loosen dead skin cells, so that the fat can drain better and not additionally arise blackheads or even pimples.

Maybe you'll find even more useful tips:

I take jetz times to the concerns the gesicht..nur wash with clean water, no aggressive cleansing gel using as remove the protective film of the skin and thus produces new you wird..und thereafter so even greasier skin get

You kannsd vill. a healing earth as mask use on each körperstwlle ... which regulates sebum

Moreover vill something mattifying powder.

use ph neutral or acid enthaltige shower gels

so if I have oily skin, it helps me when I wash with exfoliating or so, but each skin's anders.Oder buy you those cloths, which allow you to go ask about the Greasy, and they are gone.

Why do you dry skin?

change eating and washing gels etc ... (you can google all)

Salt water therefore helps Saltwater

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