How do I get more reads at my wattpad history?

I've been a couple of weeks a wattpad account and write a story, but have hardly reads. What can I do, that more people read my story? Thanks in advance is the story: "Dream or truth"

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What can I do, that more people read my story?

So ... you should at Wattpad socialize and also with other not yet so many have Reads votes, then the votes for you;) I speak from experience. And then you can still find readers, if you always under the profile of known writers, write that you like people had that look in on you .... So I have done that. That although only 1700 Reads ... but that's a start. And another tip: write your chapter on computer goes, better to write at least 1,000 words per chapter .... and füg added a cast. Oh, and: D Verifiable spelling. Because if you are only reading errors that annoys pretty.

Hope I could help you

LG DramaLlama

I think appealing cover help often, I can try to make you one, then you have to write me on wattpad and I can tell you what I need for information on the book or can you tell me where your wish to say ... if you give me answer here, I do not know if I see it

Well, I'm on wattpad


LG Lottie

Vllt you could more add tags, ie more than you already have stichworte bar that must match history and when the user then search for these keywords you can find one probably your story :)

Lg deader00

Send me the link, then you have ever seen a more readers.

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