How do I get my dog ​​Ferdaus Housebroken is?

Unfortunately, my dog ​​is not housebroken Fero he poops in the house and in the car. He is 8 weeks old and holding his nose against your feces does not help either.

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So with the nose in the mud, you should be absolutely necessary. Only use this if he does it as a territorial marking ... but something familiar so not a puppy! You have quite often go out on the day with him and then when he did it out perform a dance of joy .... So testify exaggerated joy that he understands that he has done something good. Once he makes clean, rid not only directly but out with the little ones! Otherwise, the time interval is too large and it can not bring in connection. I would always go with him on the same spot. Young dogs have offt trouble somewhere else to make out than the usual places. And always remember ... a dog in the old is a baby! He can not be expected too much.


keep his nose against your feces does not help either.

these are outdated and incorrect methods of education!

A dog you get housebroken by often (at least every 2 hrs.) Goes out with him and as long as there remains until the dog is loose. Then do not forget praise! In the apartment always observe good and go out with him immediately if signs!

You read that carefully!

It is quite normal that the dog at 8 weeks is not yet housebroken. he is as long because already in you that you already expect that from him?

The nose of a dog holding not in his feces, from what time are you coming? Your nickname you have not earned with such methods. Dogs are like babies, they have to learn it first. are holding babies you but not the diaper in the face.

For you that is now, go with the dog out every 2 hours. After dinner, after sleeping and every 2 hours at night. Power of the dog in the apartment, you were too slow and did not see his signals. That means for you: Without comment wegmachen !!

Drag the consistently and it will be sooner or later housebroken.

In every city there is a dog club. The dog friends can advise you.

Hello Hundfreund11,

now just take quickly to far too young puppies and bring him back into the whelping box to his mother and siblings!

You're much too .. you raise a puppy ...

You have silly ideas and torturing the puppy very if you stubbst him of his feces ...

It takes a long time until a puppy is housebroken - counting times with about half a year ...

As long as you'll certainly not endure ... - because a puppy needs about every 2 - 2 1/2 hours around the clock to pee be worn out ... In addition, after each feeding, after each nap and after play...

You call yourself seriously "dog lover", and try your dog to get housebroken by you hold his nose in the mud ?! He belongs to you on the spot taken away!

Are you serious? but the dog is still too young.

Thanks for the answers people I'll aufhörn with the nose in there hold, there have also pushed in nich but kept hold of it. Expectant NEN visit dog club and looking me advice.

thank you

The poor dog! Nose against the Kot what is this? If you have the well done to you as a baby ?! He's only 8 weeks old !!! He's a baby !! This will need time! and> his nose against your Kot hold> brings nothing! He knows what to do with it.! Poor dog!

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