How do I get my dog ​​in place?

I have to take a 1-year Bolonka Swetna and unfortunately do not know how I teach him to his place

Can someone help me?

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one way is to lure the dog to the square and reward there that you repeat in short exercises frequently and belegst it with a command (eg: sleep). If the dog reliably hops to "sleep" on his Paltz, if you just stand next to it, you can begin to remove you a bit further, to reward Punktgenau can, it is recommended to always use the same word feeding the reward ( eg suuuuuper). The dog is then rewarded with Suuuuper soon as he is in his place, and then you give him a reward. Does it also very good, you can go about to send in his place, as an aid to another person, camera recommends or mirror to see when the dog is in his place the dog from another room.

I would not leave the dog alone get up, but to introduce a "resolution command". That's us, "Enough", the dog must then leave his place again.

So my sweet Lili has learned who I say "go out to Platzi" and towards showed and only who she was at the place they got a lot of praise and of course :) a delicacy now she walks on court whom I see out :)

best you go along in a good dog school because you learn a lot more useful than to stay place only on the. hundeschule makes also fun and encourages loyalty.

my learned it by I sat leads them and have rewarded, they got up I saw her (no treat) are returned, they remained lying a time gabs reward.

You can also throw treats into the basket, is failing with me to my goal accuracy.

Toutorials on Youtube :) as have many videos uploaded how his dog which all contribute. Are also well explained and you can also see what happens ^^

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