How do I get my dog ​​to bark from to accustom people and dogs?

Hi I have a Chihuahua he has always been very fearful of strangers and barked them (trembling and hiding behind me) to when they entered our apartment. Now I moved to my friend in a different city. Since he barks not only at the people who come to our home but also our neighbors if they are on the court or outside the house on the walk (or near). Also since we live in the new city he barks almost every dog ​​on the walk. Whether it is females, males or puppy. He respects me and listens to me but unfortunately I can not do it always he barking that be can. He is not any love or go to strangers, but not always barking. We thought if we he will get him a playmate open / tolerant thought wrong for other dogs .... Hmm. He understood the bomb on our 2nd dog but outside he barks still on everyone. Our second bitch is now the complete opposite it comes to other dogs and people and wants to play. Only it does to start with barking when the big start doing ... you imitate him. It would be nice if someone could tell me how I manage it can wean he our visit, the people do not barking outside and other dogs and growls. thank you

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how do I do it can wean him there he. our visit, the people do not barking outside and other dogs and growls

to make you better take professional help. In a dog school you and the dog will learn too!

where you every time when he stops barking it or until you bring him to quit and then you reward him

Have you ever considered visiting a dog school considering?

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