How do I get my own dog?

I am now 12 years old and grew up with a dog (the dog of my grandparents) and I wish therefore always a eigeben dog with us home. I've already talked to my mother about it and if I now anspreche it is stirred to life totally on. What can I do to convince them that I really soo informed me much (on certain small breeds the passem to me would) and as a responsibility've grown? I'm in the clear what kind of a hassle. Soon I will also from time to time to help the shelter and would naturally agree that I pay extra things for the dog with my pocket money. So what can I do? Thank you in advance:*

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First, I understand you, no matter how old you are, dogs are great. But you're just in a transition age. So in one year you will have very different hobbies and be traveling a lot with friends. A dog always needs love and then you're also often at school. I am 10 years older than you, but I've been waiting four years to still finish school and now I am studying, but my husband is also often home. A dog needs to get out in the morning and at lunch and dinner. Then you have to remember that babies do this more often in the diapers and puppies too, so the puppy needs to get out every 2-3 hours. I would think about something else, maybe a cat? The can take care of themselves. Speech itself Mama, some on the you improve yourself in certain subjects and for a pet get, but prefer to wait with the dog ...

I recently had € 200 Veterinarian costs because my puppy has fallen off the couch. My husband looked away briefly. It happens even us adults even though we are older.

What can I do to convince them

must convince is the worst precondition, after all, is a dog supposed to be a family member and must be liked by all family members and welcome.

Dogs are also very expensive! Insurance, dog tax, food, kennel (holiday period), accessories, vet (can sometimes up to 2000 EUR costs, (z. B. OP in an accident or illness of the dog), dog school, etc ...

It costs a lot of money to keep a dog. A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog's life, to be able to meet every day.

Dogs attitude makes work and takes time! A dog must repeatedly daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

In addition, your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!

Stop to edit your mother! Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

@ Vivi23052002,

Please do yourself a favor and forget the attitude of a dog for a few years.

Since I have dogs, I have no spare time. The dog is necessarily the center of my life.

The attitude of a dog is a very costly affair. Dog control, pet owners liability insurance, pet health insurance, veterinary fees (not all borne by the insurance company), food, property, utilities, education and socialization by one skilled people for dogs.

In the interest and for the benefit of the dog, the dog should not be left alone for the first 6 months. Holidays can be, essentially, abschminken.



Nothing! You are in the wrong age! So a vet bill is loosely times about 100, - €! And what will happen to the dog when you're older and times you are interested then more on footwear and parties? doing a training? Who will take care of the animal? Shock you that want out of your head, go to the shelter and take care of because of the poor who are not!

Nothing. Either your parents know that, no matter what you've done, you can not deal with a subject to longer time, or they simply do not want a dog. Unfortunately, you have to accept the latter.

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