How do I get rid of my problem with the Windows authenticity testing?

Hello, I have a very annoying problem, unfortunately, for some time. Namely, opens a window on a regular basis with the inscription, it was not the original version of Windows verhanden. One can indeed close immediately, but minimizes all other applications will reappear when this window. Since I often get in involved online games, it is to be fatal thrown several seconds to the desktop as a small side information. About the same time with the appearance of the problem suggested various Windows updates during installation fails

Hab hergeschoben this problem about 1-2 months before me, but a few days ago I decided now to try anything to get added everything back. After hours of scour from various forums, I have tried several "solutions".

That would be: -Windowskey reenter ... although it always appears the message Windows is activated, but the window still appears regularly

-Windowskey Delete my cmd and enter again, then activate over the telephone activation ... had the same effect as the first proposal

use to repair -Windows CD ... I try fails, however, it is, my Windows version on my laptop is newer than those on the CD, I suspect that my Windows CD still does not have Service Pack 1 on it, try the SP1 on my laptop temporarily uninstall fails, since you can not uninstall pre-installed by the manufacturer service packs

-hab downloaded me a package that all updates for Windows ever released contains this and reinstalled, but could the updates mentioned above previously could not be installed, are also not installed

-hab in cmd console / sfc scannov or how the command was always entered, but this led to nothing

-hab me download this System Update Readiness Tool or as it is called, also does nothing

Had ready their solutions? Bin slowly despair and put my PC again I want to prevent when it comes.

If it is important: the 3 updates, which I currently can not install hot KB2574819 and KB2830477 and KB2592687. I do not know if the problem with this looming window comes, but I have all sorts of reasons examined.

My system: Aspire 5750G Laptop -Acer -Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4Ghz, but by the manufacturer to 3.0 Ghz overclocked up -NVIDIA GeForce GT540M -4GB DDR3 Memory -500GB HDD Hard Drive

Have him since 2011 and this problem occurred as mentioned Months 1-2 on. I would be most grateful for any solution. :) If you still want to know something, ask for.

The best answer

Try a system restore. If regularly updates system restore points have been made, then seeking out a time when your system does not work.

In update history you see from when installing updates failed, and choose a date from before.

Greetings, Dalko

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