how do I get the growling of my dog ​​out

Hello, I have a question I'm really at a loss: / my dog ​​growls when ausversehn him stand on the tail. With me but he does not do that with my parents and my siblings' s. It is really a very sweet dog and doing a fly causing suffering but once my Mum for example with the foot on his paws occurs growls and he schappt slightly after walk my mum. Why is that and what can I do about it?

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it can happen at any time that a dog stepped on the tail or paws - but that happens once or twice a year - but not all the time?

And that a dog growls or snaps then is quite understandable reaction - firstly because he is frightened, secondly, the quite hurt.

Does your dog no fixed place, where it can be safely and "protected" sleep in peace? Otherwise, a dog should of course not "lie way around" in, and not to run around constantly between the feet - but that's an education thing. You can teach him great, the action to watch from his seat, if it is located so that the dog "participate" in the events can.

Dogs that are constantly active in the apartment are mostly underutilized, because otherwise they would seek peace in her seat and enjoy.

So, think about me, how is it that you your dog seems constantly hurts.

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1. Do you like it certainly not if someone just that easily and when it is ever so accidentally stands on the foot or occurs in the leg! This is good for the dog just hurt too.

2. Are there dog schools and dog trainer who can help you your dog's growl expel!

Find out just look at Google or ask acquaintances from you the one probably also have dogs! :)

Listen to hurt on the dog, then he hears on to growl. Or would you calmly sit when you biting your dog in the leg?

Presumably growls the dog because he is in pain. You could be more careful and not kick him. Would that be a good suggestion? Why would you break him growling? If you really want to make, then talk about it with your veterinarian. Perhaps he will tell you how to deal properly with a young dog. could visit a dog school also assist in the investigation. Try this but once.

try out the negative trigger ( "foot against me, dear threaten equal") to make a positive ( "foot touched me, freu freu") so to conditioning.

every time your mom her foot puts on his, he gets by it at the same time, before he growls and the foot touches his, a tidbit pushed into the maul! is important, as long as it is the sexy exposed, he gets fodder. sonlange, cheese or what he has just like to follow up on in small portions, until the foot leaves his back. and over again. that really make a while just so and not provoke between events !!! best as 4 x 5 min to perform consistently in the day. if you do it right, it is not to growl and associates the unpleasant contact with something pleasant, namely his favorite Leckerlie! after a few days exercise, he should look at your mom expectantly when foot lays on his paw her. he is quiet, he is praised. Treats can then break down again, important change are the new shortcut consistently to train.

so the theory of against conditioning !!! whether the practical work lies on your timing, your patience and consequence! if interested you possessed better again with the theme, not accidentally unwanted shortcut (eg growl = Leckerlie) produce.

that is certainly only a possibility, but which experience has shown that promises lasting success with proper execution !!!

and fits in the future to better!


Trollst you ?!

The content of the question and your profile According to (the first question and then direct a not really good question) can hardly gommen to a different conclusion.

Should the question be taken seriously: think about me, how is it for you, if you would you step on the bare feet and how you would react.

What you can do about it: the dog no longer step on their feet.

Why you fight, if you pushed, kicked, or are beaten?

Are you also inside completely blond and stupid? You would think so if you read your question. Or are you just bored because unfortunately are still on vacation? Or you are suffering from a mental disorder in which you can not feel empathy? Or you have something smoked, or drank too much that your mind completely exposed?

Trick question?

This is a pain questionnaire!

you are constantly stepping on my feet, it hurts and I get angry.

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