How do I get the time around?

Hello :) My problem is that I have my next riding lesson only in 16 days and that takes still eeeewig and I can already hardly wait :( Maybe someone has a tip as I the time rumbekomme faster? Thanks in advance :)

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So, I would ever let me know something about horses and as practice theory. Then you could indeed times in your stable where you ride, ask if you maybe allowed to help with the grooming. So grooming horses, boxing craps etc. So you learn to there, it passes the time and are lucky you even get a little pocket money. ;-) Oh, and what the people concerned, who have something against riding, which should continue to live their sport. We do not care what you think, because we are riders and we are proud of it! Something against?


I had only a week class trip, and after holidays abroad and was also totally "Oh no I want to finally ride again." And believe me, wait where you distract yourself with other things is very difficult. Therefore I would bother with this issue, so ride. I for example, was at that time only in the terrain riding and have therefore informed me of theory in the hall or as I ride a Volte correctly or which cause reins help or spores as much constitute the leg aids, what is the difference between Western saddle and the English Saddle how different brushes glad etc. etc.

What is certainly exciting, if you inform about feeding or entertainment (Active Stable, open stables etc.) or diseases. If you plan to make badges you have half the battle so. It is also so that if you voluntarily doing the things they are better in the head.


Pick a Friend (If you're a girl) otherwise reversed. As can also take riding lessons. : D

Riding is s ***** e Pick a better hobby football is good. Is written from the perspective of a girl.

Oh great, we can even exchange, I'll be glad when I do not have to ride and can meet with my friends.

But a tip I have, learn theory !! The whys and wherefores about riding.

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