How do I get with 12 rum a 15 year old?

So. I'm in love with a 15 year old boy. But he does not go on my school. I only see him when we go away with the Scouts or when changing to the group hours of de Scouts drives. I see now a bit dated from because I am already well into puberty. A girl from my class also has a 15-year-old boyfriend. But I also do not trust to talk to him odr so because I do not know what he thinks of me. A few times he has already considered and observed me. What should I do???

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I do not know the boy. White therefore not what makes him tick. But if he has already looked at you and also observed, then he may have noticed that you have a thing for him. He's just not quite sure whether you seek a relationship or a friendship.

By the way: It is common that the boy the girl responds when a relationship to it, and not vice versa. On the other hand there is equality in the country. This means when it comes to your happiness, you too can the first thing to take the initiative (is better than if you are suffering every day for love of him). Invite him to your next birthday or any other celebration. he says, then he does this not only out of politeness, but also because I like you him. But if he says no, then probably only because of your age.

Find it easy out. Contact me only, determines it is already waiting.

Trying times to engage him from time to time in conversations. One has to know already closer to then develop deeper feelings. And not to adjust test you, something usually goes wrong.

What do you mean endured? Surely not seduce?

No. I mean that he is in love with me.

was alone with him and then smooch,)

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