How do I know that our dog has enough fats in BARF?

I just read on. but do not find it right on the net. We finished getting Barf. So minced animals. Lean meat UDN rumen / Blätetrmagen, heart etc. heart never more than 20%

Now there is not much to see in minced state of the fat content. And also is not tuned -.-

Today, for example, there was a complete turkey by the wolf pulled.

And I admit I think at the moment too much oil? Every day almost NEN small shot. Have read that that is the metabolic by-products that damage caused by too much oil?

And what you feed in addition to fat?

The best answer

Too much salmon oil, there may be an excess of vitamin A, which then affects the growth and I think the skeleton.

Fat content of a turkey should, within the normal range, there'd ihc me make a big head. Generally not, if you feed a whole animal, as everything is usually in the right proportion available.

In minced state which is always difficult to detect. For red meat you can guckn how much amount of white in it. Otherwise watch again before the meat, or not even wolfen.

Times have attached an image at random just Lamb in the fridge, got you. So looks good marbled meat with plenty of fat. Could almost be too much, but since one other time and again too little feeding, the perspective so on its own. If we need supplementation times, there beef fat from the online Barfshop or sometimes by the butcher.

I do not believe the Fertigbarf because the mixtures are unfortunately never consistent. Most too little fat, often too little bone, but too much offal etc.

It was supposed from 80% meat including, at least 15% fat, 10% pure bone and 10% offal (liver, kidneys, spleen) exist. Heart is lean meat.

Heart should not be too much in it - 20% I think too much. Heart has purine and that is not as healthy in the long run in quantity.

Ask please the supplier for the exact composition percentage by.

15-25% fat should be in it, at least 15% and, depending on energy requirements and more.

This is also such a problem of Fertigbarfs - you can not feed them specifically suitable for the dog. Times two examples as regards the fat:

I have a 4.5 years old male and a 10 month old bitch and until recently still a 15/16 year old bitch. My dog ​​gets about 20% fat, my young female 25% and my Althündin got 15%. Just therefore, because my young dog runs and plays without end, my dog ​​no longer quite so doll, but much running. My Althündin other hand, was very little. So all three have different energy requirements.

If I eg with my dogs go to a friend who himself has 5 dogs and jumping around all together 5-6 hours, the energy requirement of the day is higher than on a normal day where we just run. Therefore, they therefore receive on a day with more Enge Riebe May also more energy intake more fat.

Is it too little fat, the body pulls it from somewhere else and that is permanently on the organs - hence fat is important.

Fat should not be confused with oil.

If you feed meat from livestock raising, too little Omega 3 contained. To rectify this, you should give to salmon oil. If you feed wild then the dog needs no oil. A shot of salmon oil every day is perfectly fine and there is no harm.

But you should also Fertigbarf control the amount of bone - too little calcium hurts! If offal is similar - too little, would be a vitamin deficiency, but too much - especially too much liver - is also harmful.

Think about whether you would rather not renounce in future Fertigbarf and ask yourself together. Your dog does not have to have everything every day. It must be consistent within 4-6 weeks. Only the fat and salmon oil should be daily voices. Bone can be 2-3 times a week, offal every 10 days etc.

Is not really complicated. It is estimated from the demand for 4 weeks and then are added every day something else so that it's within the 4 weeks. Quite easy. But then you know what's really in it, it can write to your dog and his Engerie etc, vote and that's healthier.

Here a good side with respect to the fat: http: // ...

There are many good things - even if vegetables must be what offal etc.

We feed not alter fats in addition, a dash of oil, there are about every other day.

How can you now specifically noted that the amount of fat is really true, I do not know, frankly.

Today I was walking with our two dogs for a distance of eight kilometers. Our older dog 12 years old in April, which is the route mitgetrabt easy. The Geriartriecheck (blood test) last fall showed ideal values, the vet said that the values ​​could just eleven and a half months of a healthy young dog come.

So I think the diet is right.

I think it is with the dogs like us and the children: the total diet must somehow fit, a lack get neither we bipeds yet the dogs when we look reasonably on it that the diet is appropriate to the species.

I as I still have ordered ready Barf, brought cattle kernel oil from the grocery store and serve sliced. Oil there is rather little, mostly to vegetables / fruits. But max. 3 times a week. Now where did I get everything fresh, I imagine only determined how much fat actually on the animal is.

Look here, a portal around BARF topic:

Since your questions should be answered ;-)

sent A dealer who gewölftes Barf, should know how much time must be fat. I would write to him once, to see if the there ever nen Kopp makes about it.

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