How do I learn best for English?

Hello, I'm in the 10th grade and I would be best for learning English without tuition like to know as I do. Have I already bought a book but nothing I can remember that. Does anyone learning tips for me? :-)

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If you want to learn English intensively, I can not really help.

But if you do a little more slowly, but steadily and continuously improve you want, then just blowing you a bit more about the Internet. I look pretty much all series with English original, play my PC games in English, and about 95% of all websites on which I read regularly and write, are in English. The latter is because simply the most sites in English, the preference aforementioned lie mainly because just about everything previously published in English as in German and the German translation is usually to throw away.

The more you read and write in the requested language, the better you'll also therein.


  • follow the lessons carefully, to participate actively in
  • do homework properly and regularly
  • regularly learn vocabulary; each Day 10 - 15 minutes

The words do not just learn by heart, but

with all your senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel / touch) - so write the vocabulary book, on cards or in the electronic vocabulary trainer - while talking loudly -

  • most also speak or sing, rap, rhythmically, in verse and gymnastics (typical gesture).

Just think of the song 'Head + shoulders, knees + toes', the children - you vlt also - today learn in kindergarten or in primary school.

Also listed are:

word families: (Theme; contrary; Noun m matching V + Adj; etc..),

Sample sentences

vocabulary with their (grammatical) Features,

as follows gerund o. to-infinitive, which preposition, irregular. plural, verb, adj, adv, etc.

• You can stick + learn vocabulary as it were in passing also sticky notes with the words in the whole apartment.

  • regularly practice grammar; each Day 10 - 15 mins
  • Learned into practice and deepen, for example by
  • reading English books:

Books ordered by grade levels, years of learning and difficulty, check the following links: (Level Easy Starts - Advanced)


Other Recommendations:

  • English LernKrimi:
  • Enter at amazon:
  • English training with fun and excitement
  • Wrapped Mystery read - learn Relaxed English
  • Learn English with Cops

Yet another link LernKrimi: _ Detectives _ _ for kids / 8725

  • bilingual books:
  • appeared in Reclam Publishing House are bilingual readings

This you get the bookseller of your trust.

More titles you'll find when you search terms bilingual books typing at

  • watching English (documentary) films, and newscasts Fernsehserien-
  • Learning and Knowledge Games in English
  • Quizzes and puzzles, crosswords, Sodokus in English

Learning by doing! And not by passive irrigation.

I know that too so that one a / n classmates / in or / n schoolmate / in asks for help, then / does the same with her his homework together or learning. That does not always more fun than alone!

Or forming study groups, where you help each other and support; sometimes also 'interdisciplinary', so as 'Math Aces', 'English-Assen' in math helping hand and vice versa.

If you heed all that makes learning fun and it takes itself to have no fear and do not spend hours cramming before classwork before unannounced tests.

Regularly to learn in small portions - quality rather than quantity - brings more than before the class work for hours until late at night. At the latest after 1 hour makes the brain Kastl namely tight. Also you go sleepy the next morning to school and to class work.

May I suggest even more:

the following free educational sites on the Internet:

  • (Here you can enter school type and class and can query the current school curriculum; and for English is not only good for the preparation for classwork..)
  • (similar to the aforementioned side)
  • Instructional videos from

:-) AstridDerPu

watch English movies, listen to a lot of English music and try to understand or read what it means, often it is enough if you know the meaning of the sentence, there is not too bad if you do not know a word.

read English books and cds in English listening (children's books are suitable, lightweight, insightful English)

Look 'you times consistently to a series in English! :) That sounds totally stupid, but I find it totally helpful. So it is also fun and you can learn it relatively quickly, because one 'dependent' and it is in some way :)

Had englishe books. Look at the series or movies on to english. red english with your friends. It really helps

Look your favorite series in English.

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