How do I make a wireless connection without Wi-fi router?

Hello community!

I'm lucky new owner of a new tablet (without LTE, exclusively wireless capable).

Since I am unfortunately only in possession of a LAN router and me no hotspot is capable device available to me is the question: What to do?

About an answer, what additional equipment are of hardships, I would be very grateful!

Greetings from Cologne,


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Then you have to buy you a WLAN access point that you hang on the router via a LAN cable. But is a simple and relatively cheap thing, the configuration is completely easy. An isolated from Router Access Point also has the advantage that you can place it locally better and can turn off when you do not need it, without the same, the Internet line is parked. Example of a low-priced product: http: // ....

If no WLAN device is present, but wireless can be used if such. B. is no water available, can not swim. You have not specified how you'll get your Internet connection. About DSL and junction box with splitter. LTE wireless stick or? With your stated level can you make any precise proposals.

On the router, an antenna should be, then only need the Wi-Fi function in the settings in the router to share key should be found at the sticker on the back.

You do not mention whether you have an Internet provider already. Can you with a PC to the Internet? And since there is no modem that you can replace it with a wireless router? Then there is also that of a mobile wireless router, the card with the SIM of any mobile internet provider can operate option. Or are exchanged from your device to an LTE or G3 version.

with a Powerline plug !Powerline-1000E-Set,48353,462821,1458059.html?langId=-3&uympq=vpqr&gclid=CIKN29Clk8QCFYnHtAodOEMAYA

Without radio network no radio

So first thank you for the sincere suggestions!

The provider is 1 & 1 I think (the connection of my friend). The laptop (without wireless internet) is via Lan cable, not wi-fi enabled on a connected router. Since I wanted to save me buying a new Wi-fi router, I was hoping there's another option ....?!

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