How do I manage not to be ashamed in front of people?

Hello! So I can do certain things in public is not as simple as singing, eating, dancing, ... When singing as it is so that I have to even make home that all windows and doors are closed and no one listens to me before I start to sing ... because of other people's "embarrassing" to me. So clear that not everyone so happy in front of people singing, but I really afraid, so I can not make a sound to me. And I hate xD anyone know that?

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I know but this changed when I changed my attitude: Sche * ß it what others think do what you have buck.

Pure matter of practice. Jump looking over your own shadow and a good friend / good friend before / the you can practice it slowly and to the / which you have confidence. Then you can build on it at some point.

Jey look at it this soo is in ne big city like Cologne Munich or so and start thenceforth. Why? Quite simply: many people but none of them know each other; ) You see the ever again!

Oh God you speak to me from the soul! And I thought I'm the only crazy far and wide! I think it's great that you that is aware and that you are looking for an answer! That would interest me too! Bin are curious what answers emerge so here! :)

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