How do I market my patent?

Hello everybody,

I have applied for a patent, which can replace much of the transport sector and thus less damage will come to the product. Now I fear that this patent the production company "harm", since they characterized indeed have less losses but also produce less and get less insurance through broken goods.

So how do I market my patent best?

And if I want to introduce it throughout Europe, how do I do then?

Whom should I contact at best?

Please thank patent-net no link :)

The best answer

The eternal dilemma: With the old Sch ... is making money, it works and there are no risks. You will probably have no choice but to go on competitors by finding a small company that wants to become great or himself a start!

Since transport is nowadays ne international thing, I want you to point it, that you extend your patent application from 1 year, or to make ne international application (expensive fun). The clock is ticking! But alone with Germany you patent moderate foot already properly in the door and better the bird in the hand than the pigeon encouraging roof;)

Visit some games n inventor meeting at the German inventor Association ( ) and learn there, how the wind blows this way.

Perhaps you have then the wrong production company ?! Find you a like-minded production company, and secure you according to your interests from. Turn thee in various media to your target group (forums, journals, trade fairs, etc.) You have to be very careful search for your partner, and you are looking for the best legal assistance.

Sign Patent and establish company that either produces the appropriate product and markets or the patent to a company selling the so what can start, so the requirements has to implement it. And above all, if the latter more: A fair profit sharing to negotiate and let abspeissen not only with a single payment.

Why should they produce less? And with the insurance money they make no profit but rather a loss, because the customer does not get scheduled product. This harms the image of the production company. If you have truly found a better transportation option, I can not confirm the disadvantages mentioned.

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