How do I persuade my friend that I can to malls?

Hi .. So my friend was recently the first time in Malle. That's why I when he was not there just a vacation after malle I booked he thought would anyway do not mind because it selsbt there was. But when he came back and I told him he is totally freaked out and said that if I fly then he would make statements because he saw what was going on there, etc .. Now I really do not know what to do someone villeicht a rat ? I want nucht for 1 week malls lose him but one thing is already clear, I will fly away .. I wonder just somehow to fake tickets and tell him since my vacation have changed or something you have tips?

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I wonder grade to forge any tickets and to tell him since my vacation have rebooked

So you are thinking about to lie so you can fly? Krass !!!

when he came back and I told him he is totally freaked out and said that if I fly then he would make statements because he saw what was going on there

So once your friend flies alone to malls, the You can not. I think that in itself very strange.

Secondly, a friend of the "totally disengages" -no matter what because - need now really no man. I could such behavior perhaps even understand if you had something really done very very bad but -Did not you. No matter what it is, you can talk about normal.

Third: Do you really want prescribe you for the rest of your life be what You can do and what you must not do? Today it is Malle and what it is tomorrow? Sometime You are locked in the apartment because he has seen what's going on out there ... Sorry, but your "friend" is a psychopath.

And to come back to the beginning ...

If he already "totally disengages" because you have booked a ticket, what will probably happen if he gets out that you have lied to him and are still flying? Someone you could see or a stupid coincidence tells you there yes. I do not even imagine what could happen with you me.

Sorry, but I would try again in peace to talk to him that he can forbid you anything and when he pops up or really puts an end, so it is absolutely not a loss!

PS: He does not want that you fly to Malle because of what's going on, but flies itself ne week alone out. Ask him something he did there and how he informed what's going on ...

But he was even there, what is this? That being said, I would never make that holiday, he should accept it kindly. If he has so little confidence in you, this relationship is already worth nothing. You'll probably hardly jump in one week vacation there once for the first solution to bed - that's probably the point why he was so upset. He does not trust you, shame. lg Lilo

He says that the moon is a cheesecake - you say - yes cut me off a piece. Seems to be his idea, he is lying but wrong. So it comes to holiday on Ballermann, not another corner of Malle, right? He went there because because all Auss er er know how it is there so ;-) Of course he was there only for study purposes; you would of course only as go to make turn you on, because he now knows from first-hand what's going on ;-) Sorry, but I would not let my offer, you can go wherever you want, especially since he himself exactly because holiday has made - you're not his property, even after 6, 8 or 30 years relationship !! A question on the edge, you have booked a little out of spite? I mean, it's not only for a few days known what is going on Ballermann so ;-)

Honestly now, although there is now not been nice that you just literally and your friend have made a fait accompli. On the other hand, I know now, of course not as it was at his Malle holidays ... Ultimately the most important thing in a relationship of mutual trust and when that is no longer true, then "Good night" ... Can you now only guess honest to stay, for now the fake tickets to fool your friend, would be the wrong way ... If he does not accept that you fly to Malle, then ere proves actually only that he does not trust you ... If he then saw in Malle, what's going on, I do wonder what he's there "hired" ... * cough *

He do not even want you there alone hinfliegst because he sees what's going on, but will itself one week to go without you? !!! Very interesting ...?
I'd been told nothing of my friend! If it's not even something worth the relationship and he would therefore break up with you, can you imagine indeed how important you are to him and what he possibly doing there. Alone he thinks he could take out and you "allowed to" nich ?? So please if that is good so much ...

Fly there and get first holiday. When you come back, you bring with your own impressions, memories and photos. Then you will know whether your friend is right or not.

Ridiculous! Come now always depends on what kind of an area of ​​Mallorca is one. The shooter is evil, yes. But the rest of the island is beautiful. Your friend seems the island not to know ... And by the way, with ner lie you're doing your relationship certainly no favors. If your friend would call it quits because of such a small thing, I would think about it, whether he is really the right.

???? What is there "come off" as bad in Mallorca? Mallorca is large and very beautiful corners. I would fly and give me a week's holiday - he has done it.

My idea: you have to wear a chastity belt and a muzzle. both secured with a padlock. So now can be your friend reassured chillout while the sow leaves on Malle out. So in my opinion this idea is a masterpiece of my intelligence. This compromise looks for its same. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention: - *

Take him with, or a friend or several friends ....?

Take him with or not.

If your friend puts an end, but all is well! Nobody needs a jealous control freak as Lover.

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