How do I persuade my mother to get a dog?

I have two cat and a rabbit, but I would like a dog. I have already collected many experiences with a dog and know how exhausting it is to take care of him. My mother is a single parent and has just introduced a job of not much. My one cat would I think not so much impressed by a dog. The other is as adaptable. also hates my grandpa, the much repaired with us, dogs. He would then no longer come. So there are many disadvantages. How can I convince my mother anyway ?????

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That's very simple. Make a plan ready. In it you write it all in order. First the cost. --- Acquisition, food, taxes, insurance, monthly TAkosten, holiday cover, dog school, nest egg for OPs and what you do is dream. Then you explain your mom like you or you could pay the costs. Then the schedule --- who goes out when the dog as you will change your time and who is there when your times (exceptionally) not being there for the dog. Who jumps in when someone is sick, who takes the dog if you want on holiday. That you obviously need to be clarified in advance and write down exactly. Would that also allow the owner and could you grandpa still convince. Write down how you make the wish. And then go quietly to your mom and talk to her. Possibly she has other concerns and you must of course also clarify. Have fun in the drafting of the plan.

Hi Lollo! It was already said a lot about you should seriously consider. Total your situation is certainly not easy and a dog is that, even if there are zero problems with it, complicating even more.

And think sometimes after about the health of other animals - whether living together would work with a dog at all can you not guarantee, then you might do the getting sick or there bitings.

Have you ever thought about it, to help as a volunteer exporters at the shelter? Because you could do something with dogs, but have at home no problem and cost it. And Shelters are glad for reliable (!!!) assistants.

Everything else seems rather selfish and little in the interest of your animals for which you have a responsibility! Try going in now and doing the right thing! Greeting

Not at all. When you're done with school and start an apprenticeship, your mum is sitting on the dog. A dog will loose 15 years of age.

She has a job and is a single parent - then the dog must ensure long stay home alone, more than 4 hours are unacceptable!

Do not a lot of money - How is she supposed the animal finance?

You already have 2 cat and a rabbit - How come now a dog? The will you then one year too boring, then perhaps you want a horse?

Your grandpa "hates" Dogs - Na super conditions! distribute the own grandpa, for a dog (although I can not understand "hatred").

If your mother even want to keep a dog, then you can not convince them and I think, given the current situation makes little sense. What actually happens with the dog when you take off then?

Curb the animal to love, which would otherwise only cruelty of pure selfishness.

How can I convince my mother anyway ?????

not at all! Think about something dog ownership costs so!

My mother is a single parent and has merely a job of not much brings

Insurance, dog control, feed, veterinarian, accessories, kennel (holiday period), Dog School, Accessories, possibly Hundefriseur (depending on the breed and hair type). As already up some coming together of money / costs.

You have quite a few animals that should be enough!

"And a rabbit,"

after you can not even inform yourself properly about Rabbit Farming you ought to be with the dog.

"My one cat would I think not so much impressed by a dog."

Certainly not.

"Just a job who brings not much."

And then you want to impress her even more costs? It's great you're doing

"Ußerdem hates my grandpa, the much repaired with us, dogs. He would then no longer come"

Without words.

and a rabbit>

Man holding rabbit not alone !!!!!

My mother is a single parent and has just introduced a job of not much. > My a hangover would I think not so much of a dog excited> also hates my grandpa, the much repaired with us, dogs. He would then no longer come.>

You answer the question you already own! And your grandpa should you as more important than a dog. Be glad you do not have a grandpa.

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